Pathagoras offers many, many text samples and snippets to get you on your way. These samples can be displays in and called from the Samples DropDown list which you can easily create and add to your existing DropDown List collection.

   You can also try to recall samples from the Samples glossary by simply typing the topic. In many cases you will (not quite coincidentally-- we worked hard to anticipate the calls) hit a proper term. For example, if you want to see how Pathagoras handles pronouns, just type 'pronouns' to the screen and up will pop one or more samples of how to set up 'pronouns.'

   You can print out a complete list of samples by typing Samples<Alt-G> and then select 'Print List.'

   You can add the Samples Glossary to your DropDown List collection by typing Samples<Alt-G> and then select "Add as DDL'