For Gathering Personal Information:

   Post a simple form on-line to gather the client, customer or patient's personal information and history. Or a form can be e-mailed to the client/customer/patient for completion 'at home' and then emailed back. When returned, use the Pathagoras for Excel tools to instantly create a Matter record.

   In addition to the personal information that can be provided by the customer or client, you might reserve a spot on the spreadsheet for "Office Use Only." When the completed spreadsheet is return, the 'rest' of the information can be added (e.g., responsible attorney, patient id, case number, etc.) before the Matter record is exported.

For Calculating Totals:

 Bid Work: One user uses Excel to list and total the various components of a job that is being bid upon. He has name the cells that contain the identification information for the customer and the sub-totals for the various components, as well as a projected total for the entire proposal. Using Pathagoras for Excel, the totals (and other named cells) can be exported to an Instant Database record. While still in Excel, the user carries those totals automatically into a Word document designed especially to summarize the bid. The personalization of the letter occurs practically instantaneously when the autocomplete option is selected. The entire process is done without codes and fields.

 Similar application: HUD-1 Settlement Statement Forms. The total amounts due from the borrower and owing to the seller can be exported to an Instant Database record and printed out in a 'summary letter.'

   For Calculating Dates:

 One user needs to advise a client of critical deadline dates. She has prepared a spreadsheet which calculates the dates, starting from a specific final date, and backing up for the intermediate dates. All date calculations are done by Excel. Once the spreadsheet has been populated, the Instant Database record is created and Word is activated. The user selects the appropriate Word document to mail. Press Alt-D to call up the client's IDB record (that was created in Excel but totally compatible with Word) and the deadline and intermediate dates are quickly replaced throughout the document. Print, stuff affix postage and you are done.

  For Currency Conversions:

 One user makes bids to recipients in many foreign countries. The Excel spreadsheet has been set up to perform conversions in several different currencies, and the conversions can be passed on to Pathagoras (Word) as the bid is being formulated.

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