Corporation Organizational Documents

   A list of shareholders might use Pathagoras ‘Repeat’ function. Tell Pathagoras not to repeat the first row by including the ‘header’ argument. Include an optional question inside the final ‘administrative text asterisk. When processed, Pathagoras ask “How many shareholders?”. When answered, Pathagoras will repeat the appropriate number of rows, incrementing each variable as appropriate.

<<*Repeat(header)*How many shareholders?*


Number of Shares

Class of Shares






    The below demonstrates Pathagoras’ ability to process robust Options using a table. Here a table of the substantive choices is created. Just above the table, the *Options* command and trailing prompts are presented. The closing boundary marker is place just outside the end of the table.

The following persons are appointed to serve as the Company’s officers:




Chief Executive Officer




Vice President




Treasurer - CFO


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Technical Officer




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