The 'Repeat' function allows you to duplicate a specific block of text a designated number of times.

   When a <<*Repeat*(text)>> prompt is encountered, Pathagoras will ask you to designate the number of times the text within the block should be duplicated. When 'go' is signaled, Pathagoras will then 'repeat' the text the requested number of times.

   Pathagoras can provide this 'repeat' function in a wide variety of ways. They are summarized here, and elaborated upon, with examples, in the subsequent sections:

  Simple: In its simplest iteration, the structure of a 'repeat' block is simply "<<*Repeat*(text)>>" (with (text)being anything you wish: text, a signature line, a variable, anything.

  Simple with incrementing variables. If you include bracketed variables within the scope of the <<*Repeat*>> prompt, Pathagoras will add a suffix to each repeated of the variable and increment its 'name' by one. "[Name@1] [Name@2] [Name@3], etc.

  !Groups! You can add an optional !groupname! to the key text to link the 'repeats' value assigned when the first member of the repeat !group! is encounters to the repeats blocks in other locations in the document

  Series Connectors: Pathagoras can add commas and an appropriate conjunction so that the repeated text can be made into a grammatically correct list. ("A1, A2 and A3" instead of simply "A1 A2 A3")


But wait! There is still more!

tipAfter you have run any of the above routines and brought in, let's say, 5 'repeats' of a particular clause, and you find that you need a sixth, type the word "repeat" at the location where you need the next clause, followed by the key press <Alt-G>.

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