If you need to include data from a data source in a 'string-like' or stacked fashion, the <<*Repeat(merge)*[variables]>> tool may be just the ticket. (We call this 'intra-document' merging. Classic mail merge produces multiple documents from the merge source. The Repeat(merge) simple repeats the text within the scope of the Repeat block and merges data in that more confined area.)

    E.g., Stacked list of names and addresses:

<<*Repeat(merge)*[Client Name]

[Client Address]

[Client City, ST  ZIP]


 can result in:

John Doe

123 Main Street

New York, New York  22334


Jane Roe

334 Oak Court

Raleigh, NC  26678


    String list of attendees:

    <<*Repeat(merge)*[Attendee Name], >>

 can result in: John Doe, Robert Roberts, Mary Roe, Jane Johnson, Harry Houdini, Bob Marley

    When Pathagoras encounters the Repeat(merge) command, it will prompt you for a data source. Those listed will be your preassigned external data sources. (Free-style navigation to an unassigned data source is also possible from the prompt screen.) Select the records you want in your list and press the next button. (You will not be asked for the 'number of repeats' with the (merge) function. The number of repeats is calculated by the program from the number of items you select to merge into your document.) Everything after that is automatic. There will be a perceptible delay as connections to the Excel file are made and variables are replaced, but it won't be overly long.


The data source must be an Excel spreadsheet. (Other data sources will be added later

The spreadsheet must contains values in its first row that pair to the variable name(s) in the document.

The spreadsheet can have more columns than just the variables in the spreadsheet. But each variable must have a corresponding term in the spreadsheet.

Brackets in the spreadsheet are optional.  [Client Name] in the document will be paired to either Client Name or [Client Name] in the spreadsheet.)

More conventional, but still plain text, merge functions are discussed at this link.