The feature discussed in the previous page has a very practical application with creating 'reciprocal' documents. Reciprocal documents are those that are more or less identical, except that two or more of the actors play different roles

  An I Love You Will that you want to produce for both spouses is a good example. You intend the resulting documents to have identical substance, but with the actors reversed in each document.  Simply Just prepare the <<*Options . . . " choices to reflect the appropriate cycle (first or second) and the respective positions of values and/or variables.


<<*Repeat*Last Will and Testament of

<<*Options(increment)*[HUSBAND NAME]/[WIFE NAME]>>

I, <<*Options(increment)*[Husband Name]/[Wife Name]>>, being of sound mind, make this document my Last Will and Testament.

   1. I give all of my property and estate to my <<*Options(increment)*wife/husband>>, <<*Options(increment)*[Wife Name]/[Husband Name]>>. If my spouse does not survive me, then I give my estate to my children, <<*Repeat*Number of Children?*[Child].>>

   2. I appoint my <<*Options(increment)*wife/husband>>, <<*Options(increment)*[Wife Name]/[Husband Name]>>, to be my Personal Representative.



<<*Options(increment)*[Husband Name]/[Wife Name]>>



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