Pathagoras can filter, by name and by document type, for any document in any folder. When selected, only the documents that meet the filter criteria will display.

If your folder contains many documents, you will find that the filtering occurs much more quickly than if you were to try the same thing in a regular Word File Open dialog.

   'Name Filter':  Use this to narrow the range of the documents that you want to show in the File List.  Just type in the Name Filter the first few characters of the desired documents (e.g., "Abb" or perhaps “Let” if filtering for a document type). The file list will change instantly as you add or delete a character.

   'File Type' filter:  Select the type of file (by extension) that you want to display. Default is ".doc". The universal “*.*” is a possible entry.

 Note: The filter is sticky for the particular session. You can click on any or all of the radio buttons and scan every SmartPath  for a specific document. If found, Pathagoras will so report. If not found, Pathagoras will report that no document matching the filter criteria exists.



Figure 1. The filtered contents of My Documents (SmartPath #6). If your folders contain many documents,
you will find that Pathagoras’ filtering tools are much faster than Word’s native filtering system.


   To permanently select a 'File Type' filter, press Shift-along with the desired default.

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