Pathagorizing a document is not hard, but it can be tedious. It takes time to go through all of your documents adding the variables and Options/Optional/Repeats blocks that help to automate the document assembly process.

   Pathagoras (like every other program on the market) requires a specific syntax when you want it to perform a specific task. Stray from the syntax and Pathagoras may no know want you want it to do.

   Memorizing all the commands is impossible -- there is just too much in the program to allow for that. Looking up the syntax in this Manual for a particular command (or even remembering that a particular command is available, for that matter) can slow you down.

   To make document authoring significantly easier, we provide an easy to install DropDown List containing an organized collection of sample text. This list serves a two fold purpose:

it provides the proper syntax for the command you are seeking

it provides reminders, as you are perusing the items in the list, of the various tools that are available.

   Because the Samples are loaded into a DropDown List, the listing is always on and always available. The samples you want are just a point and a click away.

   To create the Samples 'DropDown Lists, click on the lower half of the the Pathagoras Features button. Click the DropDown Lists element and then choose "Create 'Samples' DDL'". When prompted, place the DropDown List in the desired location in the DropDown collection.

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