Hot Links

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   Want to quickly link to a database? Or unlink from one? Or search one? Try one of these hot links followed by <Alt-G>:

   To call a hotlink, type one of the following words (no quotes, all lower case) onto a blank line on your editing screen (maybe at the very top, or the very bottom, but if you see a blank line anywhere else, it will work) followed immediately by the key press of <Alt-G>.    

   'link': A screen displays, allowing you to select the particular database from a drop down list. (If you only have one data link assigned, Pathagoras will not present a selection screen, but rather will link automatically to that sole data source.)

   'unlink': quickly and automatically unlink your document from the database. (Pathagoras recommends -- but does not demand -- unlinking from your data source before saving an assembled document.)

   'searchdb' or 'dbsearch': Just as the name implies, search the database linked to the active document for the values to be placed into the various database fields.

   If you forget these shortcut, the Database Settings Screen offers a reminder. Check out the blue text boxes in the lower right quadrant of the screen (tear off shown below):


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