Primary features

True paragraph assembly:  Pathagoras will read all of the clauses in a 'book' (any folder on your computer, including network, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) and present them so that you can select an appropriate sub-setof those clauses. Pathagoras will then assemble the selected clauses into a new complete document.

DropDown Lists: Save the contents of any folder into always active, always visible "DropDown Lists." Up to 10 DropDown Lists can be simultaneously maintained. Recall an item within any of the Lists via a simple 'point & click' operation. A DropDown List can contain standard documents, images, spreadsheets, PDF files, WordPerfect® files. . . anything.  No navigation required.

Plain text variables: No complex or hidden fields are needed to create variables. Pathagoras use only plain keyboard text for this purpose. A variable is created by placing brackets around descriptive text. "[Client Name]" and "[Customer Address]" are variables. After you have assembled a document, Pathagoras can scan that document for [bracketed variables] and present them to you for completion in a highly automated fashion.

Built-in database:  You can easily and quickly save the personal data you provided to replace document variables. You can reuse the data for all other documents for same client or customer.

Links to external databases: Pathagoras can link to external data sources in several distinct fashions. You can preserve the plain text nature of Pathagoras variables and assign a list of alternative values to an *alias*, or you may insert a linking 'field' and take advantage of Word's mail merge tools. (We have our own Mail Merge feature, as well.)

Instant 'File Insertion' Tools:  Pathagoras offers several techniques by which you can instantly recall external documents into your current document. Type a clause or document name. Press <Alt-G>. Instant document! No navigation required.

Mouseless (one-number or 'nickname' navigation: Assign a number or a nickname to any folder of documents anywhere in your system (local computer or across the network). Display the contents of any commonly used folder by typing the number or nickname to the editing screen and pressing <Alt-G> (Pathagoras' universal hot key). Actually the title to this section should be "mouseless 'no navigation'."

Name & Subject Editor. A tool such as this just doesn't exist anywhere else. It lets you display the names and current subjects of an entire folder of documents onto a single editable table. Change the names and subjects of one some or all of the documents as if you are editing a regular document. There is no easier way to edit and manage your document names and subjects.

   The above list actually only scratches the surface of the myriad of features offered by Pathagoras. As you explore this manual, you will see many features that will meet your needs. (The best way to identify features is to review not only the Table of Contents, but the Index.)

   Don't worry if you don't use all of the features that are available. No one can. Just be aware that, as you progress in the development of your system, you ask the question, "I wonder if Pathagoras can do  . . .?", that the answer is probably "Yes." Just contact us and we will be pleased to direct you to the section of this Manual that discusses it.

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