Prefix/suffix style vs. descriptive names

The prefix/suffix naming style allows instant recall of a clause.  Just type its name to the screen and press <Alt-G>.

The clauses 'subject' can be stored as a document property and quickly displayed as an alternative to the 'name' display. That way, the end user can quickly see the clause's purpose.

Descriptive names is the more 'natural' naming style. Users are used to this. Many may resist a change to a prefix/suffix naming style until the benefits are demonstrated and understood.

   If you adopt the prefix/suffix naming convention for your clauses or terms, you will be able to recall any document or term from any source instantly. And this is regardless of which glossary or which path in which the term is stored.  This feature alone should convince you to adopt the prefix/suffix naming convention. But read on for some comfort words.

   Pathagoras recognizes that a term bearing a name such as "cntr219a" is, at least to the inexperienced user, gibberish. A way to provide a meaningful description for the clause is essential as well. That is why Pathagoras lets you assign a “Subject” to each document that you save in the prefix/suffix style. With the subject always available and in view, the end-user will always be able to make an appropriate selection.

   As you become more adept with using Pathagoras, and realize the benefits of ‘mouseless’ assembly using the prefix/suffix naming convention, you may wish to convert existing documents to this protocol. You can easily convert an entire folder's worth of documents from descriptive names to 'prefix/suffix' names. The entire process can be easily accomplished using Pathagoras' exclusive Names & Subjects Editor.

   You can print a listing of your clause names (in the prefix/suffix style) along side of their subjects. This serves as a handy reference and can be used as a check sheet for composing a document from individual clauses. To generate such a list, display the Document Assembly Libraries & Books screen. Choose the appropriate book and then click the “Printable Checklist” item found in the center panel. Click here for illustrated instructions: Checklist.

   Read more about this naming style here: Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention.

   For instructions on how to assign a prefix to a folder or glossary, click here: Prefix Table.


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