Pathagoras, Term Works! and the Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention.

We strongly recommend that you use of the Prefix/Suffix naming style for naming your documents. The main reasons are set out at this link: Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention

And more to the point in the lesson covered here: If prefixes are currently in use, and if you want to add a new clause to your book named with the appropriate prefix, Pathagoras' Term Works! screen  will automatically point you to the desired book.

   Let’s say you have text that you want to add to a book which follow the prefix/suffix style. (We must also assume that the prefix has been registered. This is an easy step, but you are referred to the section of the Manual referenced above for those steps.)

   Highlighted text you want to add. Active the Term Works! screen. Type the name of the clause using the prefix/suffix style. Pathagoras will automatically 'sense' the name as being in the prefix/suffix style and will re-point the green button to the proper book.

   Here is a picture. The prefix for the WillGlossary is ‘wil’.


Click to enlarge.

When the term name with prefix 'wil. . .' is typed,
Pathagoras locates the WillGlossary and offers to save the new term there.