There are many reasons why 'prefix/suffix' style names are a preferred naming style for many. Here are a few:

Prefix/Suffix style names are short.

A clause or document named following the 'prefix/suffix' style can be instantly recalled from the keyboard. This is so regardless of its actual location. Just type the name of the clause and press Alt-G (for 'g'et).*

You will have much better control over the order in which clauses will appear in the Clause Selection screen.

Since there is no limit to the length of the 'suffix', you can easily append a descriptive 'Subject' to the right of the name. Further, if you separate the 'subject' of the clause by a space, you can recall the term by just typing the text to the left of the space and pressing <Alt-G>.

Using this naming style, the user will not be dependent upon just the short prefix/suffix name in order to know the purpose of the term. E.g.,

oSo, you can name your documents 'wil100 Preamble' or 'cntr334 Shipping Instruction',

oSuch naming garnering the best of all worlds:

(1) a great sorting device,

(2) a meaningful title, and

(3) the ability to instantly recall the document by simply typing 'wil100<Alt-G>' or 'cntr334<Alt-G>.

A checklist of names and subjects can be printed for any book. This checklist can be use as a table to match a clause's name with its more descriptive subject.

You can open the folder associated with the prefix simply by typing the prefix to the screen and pressing <Alt-G>. (Try it: type 'wil' (note-- just 1 'l') to the editing screen and press <Alt-G>. Assuming that you have not re-pointed 'wil' to another location, you will see the folder containing the Will clauses that shipped as part of the DemoDocs.

Margin assembly (described here) is possible. You have never experienced the flexibility of document assembly via Pathagoras until you have experienced 'margin assembly.'

    There really is no 'downside' to adopting the prefix/suffix style. There is no loss of function, only improved document assembly capabilities.

    *For the Alt-G recall and 'margin assembly' features to work, you must first associate (simply by pointing) the prefix portion of the term with a folder or glossary. Follow the steps outlined on this page to accomplish this.

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