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Why use it?

Why use it?

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Why use it?

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   There are many reasons why 'prefix/suffix' style names are a preferred naming style for many. Here are a few:

Prefix/Suffix style names are short.

A clause or document named following the 'prefix/suffix' style can be instantly recalled from the keyboard. This is so regardless of its actual location.

If properly numbered, you will have much better control over the order in which clauses will appear in the Clause Selection screen.


Let's assume doc100 represents the 'Preamble' text to a contract,  doc200 the 'Body text,' doc300 the 'Closing Clauses' and doc400 the 'Signature Blocks'.  Using the prefix/suffix style, the clauses would appear in alpha/numerical order in the Clause Selection Screen. This makes for a more appropriate presentation for the user who will know that the order of appearance of the clauses in the list suggests the proper order of appearance in the final document.  If the 'conversational names were used, the alphabetical ordering would be 'Body Text,' 'Closing Clauses,'  'Preamble'  and 'Signature Blocks'.  In this case, only the last element is in the proper selection order, and that is only by coincidence.

redarrowIt is important also to know that if the 'Display Subjects' option is selected in the Clause Selection Screen or DropDown List, the clauses will still appear in alpha/numerical order by name, not by subject. See paragraph immediately below. So the benefits of the prefix/suffix naming convention continue.

A more descriptive 'Subject' is always stored along with the document. Therefore, no user is dependant upon just the name in order to know the purpose of the term. Any clause can be instantly displayed on the Clause Selection Screen by either Name or Subject.

A checklist of names and subjects can be printed for any book. This checklist can be use as a table to match a clause's name with its more descriptive subject.

By adopting the prefix/suffix style, there would be no loss of function, only improved document assembly functionality.