The Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention is a naming style that allows you to better organize the component clauses of your document assembly systems. The resulting benefit is that you will be able to instantly access your clauses named in that style.

   The Convention uses 'prefixes' to designate a major topic and 'suffixes' to indicate the actual clause.

   To work, you would register the prefixes in a Prefix Table maintained by Pathagoras. This registration is simple recording a designated prefix with the folder which contains the documents named with that prefix. The result is that you will never have to navigate to the folder containing the clauses again. You would simply type the clauses name. Pathagoras find the requested clause using the table.

   The suffixing numbers allow you complete the naming of each clause (obviously) but more importantly allow you precise control over the ordering of the individual clauses when they display in your Clause Selection Screen or DropDown Lists.


        As implemented by Pathagoras, the Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention requires the following elements:

 Prefix: two, three or four letters (case does not matter).

 Suffix: three or four digits.

 Further suffixes: allowed, if the initial 'further suffix' is a letter.


  These examples meet the prefix/suffix naming convention:



dz766first (note in this and the previous examples that the suffix is more that the minimum three or four digits; but remember, the first character after the mandatory suffix must be a letter)

These examples do not meet the convention:

B123 (prefix too short)

clause765 (prefix too long)

100con (prefix must only be letters A to z)

redarrowDespite the fact that the three examples immediately above may 'fail' the prefix/suffix convention, they are still perfectly acceptable document names. They simply will not be recognized by Pathagoras for automatic prefix processing. If the document or clause is in a folder or glossary that otherwise will be automatically checked (see e.g., SuperBooks and Search Order), it will be found and inserted.


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