Printing a checklist of names and subjects.

    Pathagoras understands that a name like dec232 means little to the unfamiliar user.  However, all term names can be augmented by a subject. The subject can be shown on the Clause Selection Screens.

    Further, the user can easily produce a printed checklist showing each term's ‘name’ along with its descriptive ‘subject’. (Even if you have not assigned a subject, you will benefit from a printout of your source clauses.

  Creating a checklist:  Assuming that you have assigned the folder or glossary to a document assembly book:

(1) Display the Libraries & Books screen.

(2) Select the book for which you want to prepare the checklist from the left hand column.

Click to enlarge.

(3) Click Next>>. Answer the prompts which appear asking if you just want 'names only' or 'names and subjects' to be reflected on the list. Choose names and subjects.

   The final product is a checklist showing the term names at the left and the descriptive subjects at the right. Here is what a checklist might look like:


Click to enlarge.

    The resulting checklist is a simple Word document and you can further edit and format it to meet your office needs.


Practical use of a checklist in an office setting:

  Original composition: We suggest that you create the checklist following the above instructions, but that you further edit it to provide a more "office forms" feel and consistency. You should add blanks for a client or customer's name to be written at top and other blanks where additional information or notes can be hand written for the operators use.

   You, as the author of the ultimate document, should have a supply of these checklists on hand. When you need to create a document for a client or customer, take one of the checklists and check-off a 'first draft' of the document, filling in appropriate information or instructions for the operator.

   Pass the completed checklist to the operator who can assemble the document.

  Editing: If you later want to add a clause into the middle of the assembled and presumably now printed document, and using the checklist as a guide, pencil in just the name of the term at the insertion point. The computer operator would recall the document to the editing screen and type the clause name at the 'electronic' insertion point, followed by <Alt-G>. The clause will be  instantly inserted where typed.

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