By default, Pathagoras installs its main engine (called 'Pathagoras.dotm') in Word's startup folder. This causes the full program to load every time you start Word. There is a slight delay in opening Word as Pathagoras 'gets dressed'. For most, the delay is not noticeable (it typically averages 3 or 4 seconds).

   However, for those who don't keep Word open for the whole work day as a matter of course, the few seconds needed to start Pathagoras along with Word can add up. (And we never want Pathagoras to cause any problems.)  

   So, instead of placing 'pathagoras.dotm' in your startup folder, you can place it in any other location of your choosing. In its place, you would paste in a very small 'loader' program called PLoader.dotm.  This small file takes no time to load. It simply adds a Pathagoras tab (just like the main engine), but behind the tab is a single button. When you want Pathagoras to load, click that button. Otherwise, do nothing and Pathagoras remains tucked aside, waiting to be loaded when needed.

Placing PLoader:

   You do not 'install' PLoader. Rather, you must 'place' it into your Startup folder, and move pathagoras.dotm (the actual 'engine') which resides in that startup folder to another location.

   You will find PLoader.dotm in the PLoader subfolder beneath the main Pathagoras folder. If you accepted the defaults at the original install, the path will be c:\program files (x86)\Pathagoras\PLoader.

Note: You must first installed a full license version of Pathagoras before you can adjust for PLoader. The licensing credentials are in the Pathagoras Installer. None are within PLoader.

   Copy and paste PLoader.dotm to Word's startup folder. Depending upon your version of Word, the Startup folder is likely this:

Office 2016:  C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\Startup\

Office 2013:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 14\Root\Office14\ Startup \

Office 2010:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\ Startup \

Office 2007:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\ Startup \

(Reminder: You are just copying a file to the startup folder. You are not ‘installing’ the program. So, don’t click on the file to ‘run’ it. Just copy PLoader.dotm and paste it into the Startup folder.)

Move Pathgoras.dotm to non-Startup location

   You need to move the file 'pathagoras.dotm' (which currently is in your Startup folder) to a new location. We recommend (and it is the 'default' preference) that you simply create a new folder under the Startup folder, called perhaps "PLoader" and move Pathagoras.dotm into that

    The next time you run Word, the PLoader will load, and Pathagoras will be ready to load. Click the Pathagoras tab and you will see just the Greek letter Pi at the far left of the ribbon. When you want Pathagoras to fully load, click the Pi. If you did not place Pathagoras.dotm in the '\PLoader' sub-folder, Pathagoras will ask you to navigate to it. Do so. Once done, you will not have to do that again. (Exception: If you later move pathagoras.dotm to another location. Since PLoader won't know where you moved it, you will again have to navigate to it.) If you placed Pathagoras.dotm in the \PLoader subfolder, Pathagoras will quickly load.