'Plain Vanilla'  Paragraph Numbering

‘Plain Vanilla’ Paragraph Numbering

  Paragraph numbering in general was discussed in detail above in the section entitled Paragraph Numbering. The following presents a fully optional 'Plain vanilla' automatic paragraph numbering option.

   Sometimes Word's native paragraph numbering routine returns values and formatting that are unpredicted and unpredictable. Trying to correct the result can be frustrating and unsuccessful.

   Sometimes Word's numbering routine works well on one computer, but returns different results when you work on the same document on a different computer. This almost always is a styles issue. See Styles.

   Pathagoras provides what it calls a 'plain-vanilla' system for numbering paragraphs. The system converts the paragraph to normal text (affirmatively deleting heading and paragraph numbering information inserted by Word in its hidden and untouchable code fashion. Pathagoras then inserts an appropriate, and visible and readily viewable paragraph numbering field as designated from the numbering menu. The parameters from which you can choose include

(a) numbering styles: 'plain' (7 varieties), outline (2 varieties), or legal

(b) emphasis: bold, italic

(c) level: 1 thru 9

(d) spacing before and after the number.


   If you understand and like working with Word’s native paragraph numbering system, stick with it. This ‘plain vanilla’ system is not as powerful as is Word’s. But if you like to be able to ‘touch’ the numbers, and avoid the sometimes unpredictable results from Word’s offering, try this.