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PDF Assembly

PDF Assembly

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PDF Assembly

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   As mentioned in other pages, Pathagoras allows a DropDown List to be populated with PDF files as well as document files. Therefore, Pathagoras is capable of 'PDF assembly' as well as document assembly.

   There are a few limitations of which you need to be aware when it comes to working with PDFs.

   When you click on a PDF from a DropDown List, you will be presented the option of inserting a link to the file or the actual file. See below figure.

  Link to PDF: A link is no more than that. Make sure that the recipient of the link has access to the folder to which the link points.

  Embed PDF: The other choice is to actually embed the PDF in the Word document. This makes for true document portability. It can also make for a very large file, as the Word document now contains not only the Word text but the entirety of the PDF record. You can embed ('assemble') an unlimited number of PDF files into your Word document.



  Viewing the embedded PDF: When you click the embed option, an 'image' of the first page of the PDF file will be placed into your Word document. To view the actual file, simply double click on the image. Your PDF viewer will activate and show all of the PDF.

   Printing the PDF: Word cannot directly print an embedded PDF. If you printed a document into which you embedded a PDF file, you will get all of the Word text and the first page (the one that you see when you embed the file). To print the entire contents of the PDF, you must view it (see above paragraph) and print using your PDF viewer.

   Converting Word files to PDF: You cannot convert your Word document into a PDF and keep the embedded PDFs intact. If you convert your Word document containing embedded PDF files into a new PDF file, only the image of the first page of each embedded file will convert. If each PDF file is itself one page, this is not bad news, but it is little different from image assembly. If you need to transmit the Word document with the embedded PDFs as a single entity, don't convert it to PDF.

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