'Pathagorizing' Your First Form

   It should take you less than 10 minutes from start to finish to complete this exercise. If you are creating a lot of variables, stop after about 5 minutes so that you can test your work. Finish it up later.

1.Open a document that you want to 'Pathagorize' (neuter). This document should be from the folder that your first book represents. (See previous section.)

2.Study the document. Look at all places where 'personal' or customer- or client-specific data presently exists. We are talking about names, addresses, dates, quantities, colors, etc. Anything that is likely to be different from one completed form to the next.

3.At the beginning of each of those 'personal places,' type a "[" (a bracket, no quotes, tho'). At the end of each 'personal place' type a "]" (again no quotes).

4.Replace the stuff in between the two facing brackets with generic sounding, not 'real people,' terms. E.g., “[Customer Name]”; “[Names of Children]”; “[product description]”; “[shipping date]”, etc.

5.So, after completing the above steps, "Jonathan E. Doeberg" might become "[Client Name]" and "4,342,654 widgets" might become "[quantity] [item ordered]". If "Mr. Jonathan E. Doeberg" appears in the address line, make the address line  something like this: [Title] [Client Name].

6.Create an ‘optional text’ block. This is 'take or leave it' text. When encountered, Pathagoras will ask if the text should remain in the document.

Choose (or create) a sentence or paragraph that you want to be ‘optional.’

At the beginning of the text, type “{” (no quotes).

At the end of the optional text block, type "}” (again, no quotes).


{Please call me as soon so that we can discuss the various options that I have outlined in this letter.}

7.Save this new document. If the name of the document bears the name of the original client, do a 'SaveAs' and give the Pathagorized document an appropriate 'form' name.


   You have now placed your first book onto a shelf in your library. This makes all documents in that folder available for document assembly. You have also 'Pathagorized' your first form. Repeat as appropriate to build your document assembly foundation.

   The next sections of this Guide will take you through the actual processes of document assembly. When asked to select a book or navigate to a folder, you can use the books, folders and forms created in this section.