We call the process by which a document or form is prepared for use by our program: 'Pathagorizing'.

   It is a phrase coined by us. Do not look for it (yet) in a dictionary.

   The goal of 'Pathagorizing' is to create documents that:

1.are neutered, i.e., contains variables and conditional text blocks that can be used in a variety of situations; and

2.can be quickly, accurately and professionally personalized.

   The more neutral the source document, the more flexible it will be when you call on it for a new client or customer (and the lower the chance that there will be personal information remaining that could violate a client or patient privilege).

lightbulbsmallPathagoras provides may tools to automate adding variables and conditional text blocks to your documents. But, as you are Pathagorizing text, keep in mind that you are always working with a standard Word document. The positive consequence of that can be summarized this way:

When you are creating variables, you do not need any of the automation tools shown below. Those tools are nice, but all they do is speed things up. They do not inject special fields or indelible codes. You can Pathagorize any document just do so by typing the appropriate boundary text from your keyboard. [Customer Name] is a variable whether you type in free hand, or insert it into your document using another technique that Pathagoras provides. You can use copy and paste and search and replace tools. (We do recommend our tools, but it's nice to know that there are easy alternatives.)

Because all text needed to create any variable is 'plain text', you do not even have to have Pathagoras loaded on your system in order to create them. You can create and fully edit them anywhere. This allows ‘at home’ and third party editing.

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about 'Pathagorizing' your text.

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