IconDesign & Work Flow Concepts
IconProcessing vs. Personalizing
IconMoving from basic to advanced
IconIllustration of Libraries -- Books Metaphor
IconFile and Folder 'Pointers'
IconDiscussion on Differences
IconAdvantages of Plain Text Document Assembly
IconDocument Assembly vs. Document Management
IconBeyond 'Major' Projects
IconHelp Connections
IconPrinted Version
IconPrimary features
IconGetting Started
IconDownload and Install
IconPrepare Folder(s) for Document Assembly
IconCreating a New Library
IconShelving Your First Book
Icon'Pathagorizing' Your First Form
IconInstallation Checklist
IconDocument Assembly
IconThe Process, Technique 1
IconThe Process, Technique 2
IconLibraries & Books: Concepts and Definitions
IconLibraries & Books Screen_2
Icon'FreeStyle' Display
IconClause Selection Screen
IconFiles Included in Display
IconButtons and Functions
IconAdd and Remove
IconShow All
IconSelect All
Icon'Rearrange' arrows
IconForms 'Packages'
IconWiden Screen
IconAssemble vs. Insert
IconView/Edit, etc.
IconNames vs. Subjects
IconLinear vs. Stacked
IconSmart Notes
IconExpand (Clause Set)
IconTree Service
IconDouble Click Tools
IconAssembly Options
IconAdd 'Hidden' Clause Names to text
IconMaster Clause Table
IconDocument Assembly Issues
IconDocument Assembly 'Books'
IconFolder of Documents
IconThe 'Technical Side' to Glossaries
IconGlossary vs. Folder of Terms
IconAdding ('Shelving') a Book
IconQuick Set
IconPointing/Repointing via Settings Screen
IconRemoving ('unshelving') a Book
IconCreating a New Library
IconDeleting a Library
IconSettings Screen
IconAssigning a Template
IconAssigning an IDB Mask
IconAssigning a Prefix
IconShow All Files in Folder
IconAdding Terms to a SuperBook
IconCompare to Prefix/Suffix Naming
IconCompare to AutoCorrect/AutoText
IconMouseless Assembly
IconOrder of Search
IconThe Templates Screen
IconCreating a Template
Icon'StartHere' Location
IconAssign Template to Book
IconExempting Document from Assignment
IconAssign Template to Document
IconParagraph Styles
IconCalls to other documents
IconTree Service
IconTables and Pathagoras
Icon'Tag Along' Clauses
Icon'Pathagorizing' Your Documents (Variables and Optional Text)
IconVariables - Definition
IconCreating Simple Variables
IconCreating Multiple Choice Variables
Icon'Create Variables' Assistant
IconCVA Creating New Variables
IconCVA Using Existing Variables
IconCVA Adding New Variables
IconCVA Sanitizing Document with +[. . .]
IconThe 'Intelligent A'
IconReusing Existing Variables
IconDrop Down List
IconDrag and Drop
IconPathagorizing using the IDB screen
IconCoverting HotDocs Documents
IconNesting Variables
Icon'Emphasis' (bold, ital, etc.)
IconDate, Formula and 'File Name' replacements
IconLimitations on Variables
Icon<<*Options/Optional*>> Text Blocks
Icon'Optional' Text ('Prompts')
Icon'Options' Text ('Prompts')
IconRadio vs. Multiple Choice
IconNesting Variables within Options
Icon<<*Options*>> using Tables
IconCreate <<*Options*>> Assistant
IconOptions/Optional Text in Headers/Footers
IconSimple Options
IconSuppress Processing
IconTesting & Editing
IconAdministrative Text
IconSelect Optional text via Options
Icon{Simple Optional} Text Blocks
IconOptions (Mixing Simple with Complex)
IconDynamic Creation of Variables
IconStructure/Integrity Checker
IconDebugging Variables & Options Text
IconChanging Variable Names
IconAnatomy of Variable and Optional Text Characters
IconQuick Picks
IconMy Picks
IconInstant Database Screen
IconThe basics
IconCompleting a Variable
IconReplacing Variables with Values
IconData Records
IconAugmenting an Existing Record
IconVariables, Number of
IconVariables, Length of
IconVariables, Special
IconValidating Variables
IconMath and Date Math
IconMultiple Choice Selector
IconEmbed Variable Names
IconOther IDB Functions, Features and Tools
IconPower Tools
IconMore Tools and Settings
IconStill More IDB Settings
IconOther Uses for IDB
IconAdvanced Array
IconScreen Shots Depicting Screen Features
IconInstant Database Functions
IconCalendar and Date Math Features
IconIn-line Math and Date Math
Icon<<Folder>> Function
Icon'=' Equivalency Function (single element)
Icon'=' Equivalency Function (*Actors* and their Roles)
Icon<S>pell out Function
Icon<$>Currency Function
Icon<%> Percent Function
Icon<F>ormat Function
Icon<Fr>action Function
Icon<<Filename>> Function
Icon<P>aragraph Function
Icon<.x.> Function Reminders
IconInstant Database 'Input Form' Masks
IconCreating a Mask
IconMask Maker
IconMaking the Mask More Meaningful
IconOrganizing Mask Entries
IconAssign Mask to Book
IconUsing a Mask to 'Pathagorize' a document
IconSharing Masks
IconUsing Excel to Create Input Form
IconImporting Data Into Mask
IconInstant Database Records
IconIDB Files Location
IconSharing Data with other programs
IconArchiving IDB Records
IconEasy As Pie IDB Records
IconPrint IDB Data from Multiple Records
IconChanging Variable Names in Existing Records
IconExternal Database Connections
IconDefinitions and Concepts
IconGetting started . . .
Icon. . . with Outlook
Icon. . . SQLServer and MySql
Icon. . . with Excel
IconSimple Merge of External Data
IconUpdating Your Data
IconMail Merge with External Data
IconCreate Record via Web-based Intake Form
IconUsing *MultiChoice* Lists
IconCreate Record via External Program
IconPairing Table
Icon'Fielded' Database Connections
IconClauses: Adding and Editing
Icon.doc vs. .dot
IconGlossary vs. Folder of Terms
IconVia Libraries & Books screen
IconVia DropDown Lists
IconTerm Works!
IconAdding Clauses Manually
IconTo a folder of clauses
IconTo a Glossary
IconThe Quickest Glosssary Ever
IconEasy As Pi Glossary
IconClause Conversion Tools
IconGlossary to Folder
IconFolder to Glossary
IconWordPerfect to Word Folder
IconSmart Notes
IconNames and Subjects
IconAutomatic Paragraph Numbering
IconGeneral Infomation
IconRe-numbering Issues
IconA Different Approach
IconDocument 'Dis'-assembly
IconUsing Libraries & Books Screen
IconUsing DropDown List
IconTerm Works!
IconScreen Tour
IconSelecting/Refining Scope
IconAdd Clause to Existing Book
IconCreating New Book
IconPrefix/Suffix Naming
IconBulk Add connections.
IconShow Text
IconAdd text Where?
IconSetting Term Works! Defaults
IconHints and Tips for Document Disassembly
IconStandard Screen
IconMinimized Screen
IconShow Context
IconUnderlines as Variables
IconGotForms?: When To Use?
IconDropDown Lists
IconFrom Document Assembly
IconFrom the Clause Selection Screen
Icon'Free Hand'
IconAdding Content to DropDown Lists
IconRepointing a DropDown List
IconUsing the Lists
IconDebugging the List
IconOther Settings & Options
IconWordPerfect, PDF and Image Assembly
Icon'Repeat' Blocks
IconSimple Repeats
IconSimple, with incrementing variable
IconRepeat with !Groups!
IconAnatomy of the Repeats Block
IconSeries Connectors ('and' or 'or')
IconRepeating Tables & Rows
Icon'Return' the Repeat value
IconRepeat Settings
IconRepeat with Options
IconRepeats Elsewhere
IconRepeat Alternatives
IconRepeat Restrictions
IconTesting Repeat Blocks
IconRepeat Example
IconRepeat (a 'one page' lesson)
IconClause Sets
IconCreating Clause Sets Automatically
IconCreating Clause Sets Manually
IconEditing Clause Sets
IconDocument Assembly with Clause Sets
IconExpanding Clause Sets
IconNotes, Hints and Tricks
IconPrefix/Suffix Naming Convention
IconWhat Is It?
IconWhy use it?
IconPrinting a checklist of names and subjects.
IconPrefix Table
IconPrefix 'Parsing'
IconWhat if I change my mind?
IconMargin List Assembly
IconNames and Subjects Editor
IconScreen Tour
IconSimple Application
IconActivating the Editor
IconAdvanced Application: Prefixes
IconAdvanced Application: Renumbering
IconNotes and Miscellaneous Items
IconMiscellaneous Editing Tools
IconBalancing Markers
IconColor Coding (Paint Markers)
IconAccessing Source Clauses
IconSearch & Replace
IconSearch and Replace Form
IconSearch and Replace via IDB
IconEditing Tips
IconWizards and Assistants
IconBulk Editing Tools
IconMultiChoice *Lists*
IconCreating MultiChoice *Lists*
IconEasy As Pi MultiChoice List
IconPresenting Multichoice Lists
IconCascading Options
IconCascading Options Chart
IconCascading Variables
IconMultiChoice *Lists* and Groups
IconMultiChoice *Lists* Table Location
IconMultiChoice *Lists* from Database
Icon'Virtual' *List*
IconLocating, Moving, Pointing (to)
IconSharing Your Lists
IconDocument Logic
IconSimple Logic
IconIntermediate Logic
IconCascading Logic
IconAdvanced Logic (Interviews)
IconThe Interview
IconThe <<*Ask*>> Prompts
IconAutomatic Creation of <<*Ask*>>  prompts
Icon<<*Ask*>> Elements
Icon<<*If*>> Prompt
Icon<<*Set*>> Prompt
IconPrint Interview
IconBenefits of <<*Ask*>> Prompts
IconThe 'Process'
IconLogic Assistant
Icon<<*AskValue*>> Prompt
Icon'Case' Logic
IconDissecting an Ask Table
IconDissecting another Ask Table
IconSaving <<*Ask* . . . records
IconRecalling <<*Ask* . . . record
IconInterview Documents
IconSimple Logic Examples
IconA 'Legal' Example
IconA Whimsical Example
IconAnother Whimsical Example
IconDocument Management
IconPathSmart Screen
IconNavigating the SmartPaths
IconRange and Filter Controls
IconPrint Out SmartPaths
IconSaving a Document
IconMoving a Document
IconDeleting a Document
IconThe More>> controls
IconAutomatic Document Naming
IconSave to PowerPoint
IconSave as Source Clauses
IconCreating a New Profile
IconDeleting a Profile
IconAdding a SmartPath
IconQuick Set
IconVia Settings Screen
IconRemoving a SmartPath
IconMouseless Navigation
IconMain Menu
IconNetwork Operations
IconThe Common Profiles Path
IconEnabling the Network
IconNetwork Features
IconSharing Files
IconInstant Database Issues
IconUpgrading Pathagoras
IconSynchronizing Books
Icon'Use Local' Files
IconSettings Assistant
IconUtilities & Settings
IconCurrent Settings
IconSystem Tools
IconEnd User Settings
IconAll Settings and Options
IconDocument Assembly
IconFile Locations
IconSeparators and Connectors
IconSharing Registry Settings
IconRegistry Settings
IconChanging a Hotkey Assignment
IconTyping Expander
IconNavigating with Pathagoras
IconLocating document in a Book
IconLocating clause in a Glossary
IconLocate a clause in a DropDown List
IconText boxes displaying folders
IconCompatibility Issues
IconWord 2007/10 Information
IconQuck Access Toolbar
IconConfirming that Pathagoras is installed 2
IconLine Spacing in 2007
IconExcel Connections
IconExcel and the Instant Database
IconExcel and DropDown Lists
IconExcel Stand-alone
IconAccess Interface
IconOutlook Interface
IconComparative Approaches
IconClauses vs. Templates
IconNaming Your Clauses
IconPrefix/suffix style vs. descriptive names
IconManual vs. Auto Naming of final documents
IconNaming Your Variables
IconBracketed vs. Non-bracketed variables
IconMultiple choice variables vs. Multichoice *Lists*
Icon<<*Options/Optional*>> text vs. variables
Icon<<*Options*>> vs. Multiple choice variables
Icon<<*Options*>> vs. Clause Selection Screen
Icon<<*Optional*>> vs. Selecting Clauses
IconMoving Text from Source to Final Product
IconClause Selection Screen vs. DropDown lists
IconClause Selection Screen vs. Clause Sets
IconMouseless vs. everything else
IconPersonalizing Your Documents
IconGotForms? vs. InstantDatabase
IconInstantDatabase Mask vs. InstantDatabase Scan
IconStoring Your Source Documents & Clauses
IconFolders vs. Glossaries
IconDocuments vs. Templates
IconMouseless vs. Everything Else 2
IconUsing PathSmart Screen vs. Word 2
IconDirect Add vs. Duplicate 2
Icon'Highlight & Add' vs. Direct Add 2
IconBulk Add vs. Instant Book 2
IconSuperBooks vs. other locations 2
IconSuperBooks vs. other locations
IconLocal vs. Network Storage
IconAdding Text to Source Books
IconBulk Add vs. Instant Book
Icon'Highlight & Add' vs. Direct Add
IconDirect Add vs. Duplicate
IconUsing PathSmart Screen vs. Word
IconMouseless vs. Everything Else
IconMiscellaneous Matters
IconFour-element toolbar
IconRepointing after moving files
IconTwo-element Toolbar
IconCustomizing the Toolbar
IconNavigation via Textboxes
IconOther Navigation Tricks
IconPointers (in general)
IconDefault Settings
IconAdministrative File Locations
IconSystem Security
IconDocument Security
IconApply 'Wait'
IconCompare to HotDocs® and others
Icon'Plain Vanilla'  Paragraph Numbering
IconUsing Plain Vanilla
IconTips and Tricks
IconBaby Steps
IconCaptions and Signatures
IconCapturing Data Independently of Document
IconTroubleshooting & FAQs
IconWhat's Happening?
IconInstallation Questions
IconFile Location Questions
IconOperational Issues
IconMy document just sits there.
IconUpgrade Questions
IconStyle Issues
IconGeneral Questions
IconWhat version of Pathagoras am I using?
IconValid Copy of Word Does Not Exist
IconTrial Version
IconUpgrading Issues
IconUpgrading Pathagoras
IconUpgrading my system or adding new users.
IconUpgrading Checklist
IconUninstalling Pathagoras
IconCustomer Service
IconNon-technical Support
IconHelp System Improvement Project
IconOne Page Quick Start Guide