Pathagoras Author & Staff For Sale!


    I am for sale! Yes, me personally, and my staff, too.

   We are available to help you set up Pathagoras, establish your Pathagoras network if you have multiple licenses, create or refine your books and libraries, etc.

Let us Pathagorize You: If you simply do not have the time or the energy to Pathagorize your forms and create a system, we can handle it all for you. We have skilled and talented 'Pathagorizers' on staff who can quickly respond to your every request.

Send one or more of your current systems. We will set up a Pathagorized model system in return. What you will get back is a complete, immediately usable, book. We will also send you instructions on how to place it onto a new or existing library shelf. Since the returned material will be a collection of standard Word documents, you will be able to augment or freshen the text on your own as needed.

Our rates are posted on the website, or call us for a quote. Your savings in future document assembly time will more than recapture the investment.

(If you want to take us up on this offer, we suggest that you send us just one of your systems, not all of them. When you get it back, study what we did and how we did it. Hopefully, then, you will feel so confident in how simple and easy it really is that you will attempt to 'Pathagorize' the next system yourself.)

Private Lessons:  If you choose not to read the manuals (I hate reading manuals too), you can simply 'buy' me to provide extended lessons and some 'on-site' (via GoToMeeting) guidance on how to get set up and fully operational with Pathagoras. Put your whole office staff in front of a computer and a speaker phone and we will be all set.  And when you consider how far I can get in that time, that can be quite a deal for you.

"Will you travel?"  Heck yes! I would love to! (Get me out of my law office, please!) Of course, the airplane ticket and accommodations would be on you. My on-site charges are a bit higher, but the work that I could accomplish in that day or two (setup and training) should make the investment very worthwhile.