Once you work with variables and with <<*Options/ Optional*>> text blocks for a while, you may wish some visual assistance in identifying the various elements of the document.

   Pathagoras lets you 'paint' the various markers and commands used by the program. Here are two ways to start 'painting'.

1.With the document you want to 'paint' on screen, click the Pathagoras Features button (bottom half of button) and then the 'Wizards & Assistants' element.

2.Click 'Paint Markers.'

Click to enlarge.

3.Pathagoras will instantly scan the underlying document and paint boundary markers in red, commands in blue, groupnames in green and aliases in gold

4.Don't worry. These colors will not appear in the final processed document.


   You can also activate the Paint Markers tool via the Quick Picks menu. Press Alt-Q to display the Quick Picks menu and then click the Paint Markers button. (This assumes that you have not removed the button as you personalized your Quick Picks menu.


   Here is a third method to get to the Paint Markers tool. Display the 'General Editing Tools’ screen.

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   Select the 'Paint' button. This will ‘paint’ the various brackets and braces in different colors so that you can more easily identify the various elements in each text block sections.