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   Packages are collections of related documents that are typically prepared as part of a single transaction.

Packages and Clause Sets are sibling concepts. They both involve multiple elements to form the whole. Typically, clause sets are individual clauses that, when combined, create a single document. Packages, on the other hand, are individual documents that, when combined, provide the documentation needed to complete a particular transaction. Of course, Pathagoras does not, and cannot, know, whether two, 5 or 15 elements, when created at the same time, constitutes a single document, or a package of documents. It's how you use the tools, and define and format the documents that ultimately determines the end product.

   Packages can be created in several different ways. One 'non-Pathagorean' method is simply to navigate to the folder where the documents needed to complete the transaction now reside (the 'source' folder) and copy the documents desired for the package. Then, navigate to a client folder (or create a new folder for a new or existing client) and paste the selected documents into the target folder.

   Click on the Document Assembly icon. Select the proper library and then book that contains the desired documents. Click 'Next' to display the clause selection screen. Select (by moving from the left panel to the right) the documents that will make up the package. Click the 'Additional Assembly Options' and check the 'Create Document Package' box. Click the Next button. You will be prompted to navigate to client folder (or to create a new folder for a new or existing client) and when you have done so, Pathagoras will paste the selected documents into the target folder.

   Advantages of 'packages': You avoid formatting issues otherwise caused when documents of disparate formatting styles and layouts (e.g., fonts styles, portrait vs. landscape orientation, etc.)

You do not have to name the final documents. They always carry the name of the original documents.But since they are saved in a new folder, you never have to worry about accidentally messing up the originals.