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Outlook Interface

Outlook Interface

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Outlook Interface

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   Pathagoras and Microsoft® Outlook coexist nicely with one another. In Outlook2003 and previous versions, if you chose to use Word as your Outlook email editor, you also had access to Pathagoras features. However, Pathagoras was not 'written' for Outlook applications, and the function of Pathagoras within Outlook was more coincidental than programmed. So, we need to disclaim that "Pathagoras in Outlook is not supported a supported function." (We are not discouraging you from trying it, but we just do not warrant that the routines will always work as you intend.)

   That said, there is still a way to have the best of both worlds that we do fully 'support:'  (1) you can fully compose the body of the document in Word and then (2) "Sent to Mail Recipient" (this function allows you to send the contents of the on-screen document, in its full glory, to a mail recipient. It is sent not as an attachment, but as the body of the e-mail message itself. (You can send it as an attachment as well, but any program can do that.)

   The 'Send to Mail Recipient' feature is found in Word's 'File' menu. When clicked, Word will put your document into an Outlook e-mail frame, ready for addressing and mailing.

  2007note We noted above that Word2003 (and prior versions) allowed you to select the option called "Send to Mail Recipient" from the File menu. Word2007 and later versions do not. For some inexplicable reason, this option is missing from the "Send To" menu. BUT, you can add the function as an icon onto your Quick Access Toolbar. Here are the steps:

1.Click the Microsoft Office Button (the round button.)
2.Click 'Word Options' at the bottom of the overlay screen.
3.Click Customize, and then in the 'Choose commands from' list, click 'All Commands.'
4.Click 'Send to Mail Recipient,' and then click 'Add' to add the command to the Quick Access Toolbar.