Options/Optional Text in Headers/Footers

   <<*Options*>> text blocks do not (currently) function in headers, footers or footnotes. However, if the value that you want to insert in the header/footer/footnote is calculated in the body of the text, you can duplicate the result by using a bookmark to mark out the options block in the body, and a cross-reference to the result in the header/footer/footnote.  Here are the steps.

    In the 'source' text (the original letter, form, clause, etc.), place a bookmark around the <<*Options*>> block.

Highlight the <<*Options*>> block (being careful not to highlight too much or too little).

oClick the 'References' tab.

oClick 'Bookmarks'

oProvide a name for the bookmark (something short, you will only use it one more time).

oClick 'Add'

    To add the cross-reference, place the insertion point (cursor) at the location (header/footer, etc.) where you want the referenced text to be copied.

oClick the References tab.

oClick 'Cross-Reference' (which is immediately below 'Bookmarks').

oFrom the 'Reference Type' dropdown in the resulting screen, indicate that you want to reference a 'Bookmark.' Then from the list of available bookmarks, select the one you just created.

oClick 'Insert.' That's it. Save your source document and test.

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