Number of Data Sources

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  Pathagoras lets you create links to up to 5 data sources.

   So depending upon the type or nature of the document you are creating, you will have access to the data from up to five separate data sources.

   The connections cannot be simultaneously. That is a physical impossibility. Multiple data sources cannot be mixed within a single document. But if you are creating, let's say a real estate contract and want to link to the data in your Real Estate Closings program, and immediately afterwards you need to create a Will and therefore want to link to the data in your Estate Planning program, you can do so quickly and elegantly. (And the Hot Links discussed in the previous section allow you to do it mouselessly.)

   And never forget that, sitting in the background, is the Instant Database module. Plain text variables can always be placed throughout any document. Once the external data source has been tapped, run the Instant Database to complete the document.