Notes and Miscellaneous Items

  The Miscellaneous button offers quite a few additional features, including conversions to and from the 'legacy' (Word 2003 and prior '.doc') and the new Word2007+ (.docx) formats. On the ‘front’ page  you are provided options to

1.Hide the toolbar. (Restore it by right clicking in the ‘gray area’ in the toolbar area and click the Names & Subjects entry.)

2.Open the file shown in the table cell in which the cursor is resting.

3.Open the folder or glossary that populates the table.

4.Display the Word 2007+ options menu.

5.Display addition options.

Click to enlarge.



   Do you have too many terms to prepare at one sitting? Not a problem! You can save the Name & Subject Table in the same way that you save any other document.  Take it home with you. Edit it there. Bring it back to the office and run the changes a day, a week or a month later. Take your time.

   The compressed "all-on-an-editable, printable page" view of names and subjects provides unmatched ease for both renaming clauses and for assigning/reassigning meaningful subjects to your terms. Before, you would have to change a document name or subject one at time. Now you can do it multiple files at a time.

   You can use this feature for any folder that contains Word documents, not just 'Pathagoras" folders.

   You do not have to actually rename any documents in order to use the Word2007+ tools. Display any folder, jump directly to the 2007+ screen and you can quickly convert an entire folder of documents to the new .docx format. Pathagoras will even offer to backup the original files into a new sub-folder.


While you can use this is feature for changing any document names, remember that if you reference the names within a previously created clause-sets, you must change the ‘pointers’ contained in the clause-sets to reflect the new names. Otherwise, you will get an error message during assembly. It is easy to change the pointers. Just open up the clause-set document (or the glossary containing the sets). Change the pointers using any Word tool.

See Clause Sets