Color Coded Document Assembly


<<*Options/Optionals*>> in headers and footers. We can now process <<*Options*. . .>> and <<*Optional*. . .>> text blocks in headers and footers. It was a long time coming, but we found the magic sauce.


<<*Options/Optionals*>> block creation: We have greatly improved the routine for creating Options and Optional blocks. The initial setup is now simply place slashes (if creating options) between the choices. Highlight the entire block and press Alt-O. Follow the prompts as Pathagoras takes you by the hand for the remaining steps.

Assign a folder to a variable; quickly select any file at or beneath target folder.

 Speaking of magic sauce, imagine a variable to contain not a word or two (such as a name, address, color or size), but a reference to an entire document --such as a property description for a real estate transaction, or a complex signature block that just cannot be 'programmed.' Pathagoras has for a long time allowed a variable to reflect (on the 'values' side of the Instant Database screen) listing the files in a target folder, but if the file was not in that folder, you could not get to it. But for 2019, we have added a '{Navigate}' element. You assign a target folder as the value of the variable. When clicked, Pathagoras displays the content of the target folder PLUS the "{Navigate}" element. Click "{Navigate}" and Pathagoras displays a file selection screen starting at the target folder. Imagine the number of navigation clicks that saves. Then select subfolder beneath the target folder and choose the desired file. The target file is inserted as the value for the variable. When 'Next' is pressed on the Instant Database screen, the full content of the target document is inserted in place of the variable. So, if you have a heavy real estate practice, store your property descriptions in a client's folder.Assign the initial target folder to the parent 'Clients' folder. When completing the variable '[Property Description]' for the deed or other closing documents, '{Navigate}' to the clients sub-folder, select the document that contains the full description and Pathgoras will transfer that document into the appropriate slot in the Instant Database screen.

Super fast processing of pronouns 'his/her' variables.