How Do I Navigate With Thee? . . . Let me count the ways

  There are innumerable ways that Pathagoras can be used to navigate your system. Most are either two click or Alt-G  operations. This is possible because Pathagoras maintains internal tables of pointers that you can take advantage of. Getting from point A to point Z (skipping B through Y) could not be easier.

Access a 'book' assigned to a document assembly library.

oClick Document Assembly button. Select the book. Click the Open Folder option

Access a 'Smart Path' assigned to a personal profile

oClick the PathSmart button. Select the SmartPath and the folder is instantly opened

oAlternatively, type the number of the SmartPath and press Alt-G. The SmartPath is instantly opened.

Access a DropDown List folder

oDrop down the DropDown List. Click the <Open Folder> element near the bottom of the list. The target folder of the DropDown List will be displayed. (Note: if you know the DDL folder is close to another folder, that one being the one you really want, take advantage of the 'shortcut to somewhere else' that this tool provides.

Access a QuickLink

oType the QuickLink name and press Alt-G. The QuickLink target folder is displayed.

Access the folder that contains your Instant Database records

oPress Alt-D to display the IDB screen. Double click on the IDB path shown at the bottom of that screen.

Access the folder containing your *Alias* listings (Excel file)

oType 'alias' to the screen. Select the appropriate option to open the folder or the actual Excel file.

Access folder to which 'prefix' references

oType the prefix to screen and press Alt-G. Pathagoras will display the folder assigned to that prefix.


Here is a summary of the above, with links to the Manual pages offering additional guidance:

 SmartPath (number + <Alt-G>

 QuickLink (term + <Alt-G>

 Prefix (prefix + <Alt-G>)

 DropDown List (click 'Open Folder' at bottom of list)

 Instant Database