Assign up to 12 buttons to Pathagoras functions that you use frequently use. Select the buttons 'in-bulk' using the button at the far left/bottom, or set them one at a time. You can even change a label (the text to the right of the button) if you don't like the one we created.

   "'MyButtons' on top" Note the checkbox toward the lower right side of the left panel. Selecting this turns Quick Picks into a quasi-'Quick Access Toolbar'. You do not have to navigate through the Pathagoras menus to get to the feature you want. Just press Alt-Q and go.

   These are some of the choices you can place into your MyButtons collection:

Document Assembly

Initiate a document assembly session via Library & Books (same as clicking the Document Assembly button in the Pathagoras toolbar)

All Settings

Show All Settings Screen

Paint Markers

Paint Pathagorizing markers in vivid colors to make them more visible

Create DDL

Create a new DropDown List


Document management feature: Quickly access your favorite folders


Document management: Quick save to favorite folders

Check Variables

Compare variables in underlying document to set list of variables in a mask

Structure Checker

Check Structure of document elements (variables, options blocks, etc.)

Process (test)

Test Options, Optional and Repeat blocks (Same as <Alt-P>)

Glossary Toolbar

Show the floating Glossary Toolbar

Web Browser

Show Web browser

Variables Wizard

Display 'Create Variables' Wizard

Options Wizard

Display 'Create Options' Wizard

Conversion Tools

Convert a folder to a glossary, a glossary to a folder, etc.

Convert HotDocs

Convert HotDocs fields to Pathagoras variables

MultiChoice Edit

Edit your MultiChoice *Lists* ('star' variables)


Show 'Term Works' screen

Toggle Bookmarks

Display/Hide bookmarks

Instant Database

Display Instant Database screen (Same as Alt-D)

IDB Settings

Instant Database Settings & Tools screen

External database settings

Display settings to external database links

Prefix Table

Show Prefix Table

Mail Merge

Perform Mail Merge on underlying document with database or Instant Database records.

Mask Maker

Scan document or all documents in folder to create intake form ('Mask')

Name & Subjects Editor

Display names of every document in selected folder in easy to edit listing. Quickly modify names and/or subjects to meet your document assembly needs (alphabetize, add sorting prefixes, etc.)

The list that ships with Pathagoras is augmented on a fairly regular basis, and your installed version of Pathagoras likely has more choices than those listed above.

If you have a 'favorite' button that you wish for us to add to our list so you can add it to your MyButtons collection, just ask.