My Picks: This Quick Picks feature lets you store up to 25 of your personal variables or Options/Optional/Repeats blocks. These are blocks that you use, have used and will use in your authoring adventures. Click the My Picks tab. This is what you will see:



  My Picks is similar to an expanded clipboard, allowing you to easily copy, paste and save coding snippets, and use them repetitively in a wide variety of documents.

  Adding to the MyPicks collection: Manually add text elements that you intend to reuse by double clicking the <<Add New Item>> line in the upper left. Follow the prompts. OR you can highlight a particular section of text and instantly add it to your My Picks collection by clicking the Capture button. Very smooth, very elegant.

  Editing MyPicks: You can easily edit any My Picks entries. Just select the element you want to edit and click the Edit button. (To delete a My Picks element, just highlight it in the left panel, click 'Edit' and delete the text from the resulting display.)

   Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) functions work well as you are moving coding snippets into your My Picks page.

   When you just want your Quick Picks (and not the additional controls), click the '<<Less' button to reduce its footprint. 'Double-click' an entry to insert it. (Click the More>> button to restore the full view.


Quick Picks screen after '<<Less' was clicked.