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Sharing Your Lists

Sharing Your Lists

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Sharing Your Lists

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   You can help to improve the world and make a difference in the lives of others by sharing MultiChoice *Lists* that you have created. Just send 'universally usable' lists that you have created to:

   I will post what you send to the website (the page noted below) where it can be downloaded and used by others.


   Conversely, you can download lists that have already been posted to the website. Here are the steps:

1.Visit this page:
2.Scan the current listing. If you see one that you like, highlight and copy it;
3.Return to Word and paste the list onto a blank page;
4.Highlight the entire list;
5.Click the Pathagoras features menu and select Authoring/Editing Tools;
6.Select MultiChoice *Lists” from the menu;
7.Click the ‘Add prepared ‘on-screen’ list’ from the upper left quadrant;
8.Click Next. Give the list appropriate ‘alias’. Click OK. That’s it.