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Alias Files Location

Alias Files Location

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Alias Files Location

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   The physical location of your MultiChoice *Lists* is initially in the same folder as your Instant Database records. (This location is initially "C:\Program Files\Pathagoras\IDBs".) However, you may, for any reason, change this location. If you do, you must 'repoint' to its location.

   Your goal in this exercise could be for one of 3 purposes:

   (1) just to see where the MultiChoice *List* file is currently located;

   (2) to move the physical storage location of the current records; or \

   (3) to reset the pointer to the location where the MultiChoice *List* you really want to use is currently stored.

   You can determine (and then reset) the current 'pointer value' for your MultiChoice *Lists* in two ways.

Via the Pathagoras drop down features list:

Click Editing Tools from the list and then the MultiChoice *Lists* entry from the sub-menu.

From the Utilities/Settings screen:

Click the <Show All Settings> button from the face of the Utilities/Settings screen and then click the MultiChoice *Lists* tab.

   To move the files, or reset the pointer (and optionally move the content of your MultiChoice *List*), click the button bearing the ". . ." and follow the instructions. Navigate to the desired location and lock in the new location by pressing "OK".

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   When you have finished repointing, and if a MultiChoice *List* exists at both the original and the target locations, Pathagoras will ask whether you want to combine the two lists (and if so, how duplicate entries should be handled) or keep the original or the target *List*. Respond as appropriate.