Merge Fields

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   If you are already adept at creating merge fields and at linking them to the appropriate data source, this is the section you want to read.

   Pathagoras can assemble any text that contains any valid Word 'link'. The 'link' can be a hyperlink to a webpage, a link to a footnote, a link to another document and, more appropo here, a link to a database source and record. Any source document or clause that currently contains a merge field can readily be used for any aspect of Pathagoras document assembly system.

  If your document already contains links to a database, you are all set. If it does not, you can create the links in the way in which you are already familiar. Place the links at any appropriate location in any source document.

  If you do not know how to create Merge Fields, follow the instruction on the next pages. (One page from pre-2007 Word versions, the other for 2007+ version.