You can create an Instant Database Input Form Mask automatically using the Mask Maker tool.

You can activate Mask Maker from two locations:

On the Instant Database Settings and Options Screen (right side, MaskMaker frame)

Click to enlarge.

If the folder you want to read is a Book, click the Book in the Document Assembly screen. It is the left-most green button underneath the Next>> button at the bottom of the screen.


MaskMaker is also a QuickPicks option.

   To use: Open a document that contains variables.  Click the Mask Maker button from the All Settings screen under the Instant Database tab.  Scan underlying document and up to 9 more from same folder for variables. Choose whether you want to scan just the underlying document for variables or all (up to 10) documents in the folder for variables.

Note: You cannot edit from the Mask Maker screen. It is designed to gather variables from the designated documents. But it will show you (and allow you to open) which document in which the variable made its first appearance. That way if you see a variable that you need to change, select it and click the GoTo button. Pathagoras will display the document and allow you to make corrections. (So Mask Maker will help you to assure consistency of your variables across a folder-full of documents.)

Edit any Masks you create by recalling them using regular Instant Database screens and tools <Alt-D>.