Manual vs. Auto Naming of final documents

If your office has good 'discipline' in consistently naming client/customer documents, continue using what works.

If your office does not have good 'discipline' in consistently naming client/customer documents, consider this SaveSmart tool.

   The previous discussions concerning ‘naming conventions’ dealt with the names you assign to source clauses for your document assembly system. But once you assemble a document for a client or customer, you are presented with another naming issue. If you save one letter “Letter to Mr. Jones re Smith” and another letter “Smith Letter to Mr. Jones,” you also have a naming problem. The problem will be most evident when you need to recall the letter—“Now what did I call it?”  If you do not now have a document naming convention, you need to develop one.

   The SaveSmart function offers a method that will lead to more uniformity in naming conventions. You can implement the routine, as establish the naming parameters by clicking the black button to the left of the “Propose Name?” check-box at the very bottom of the SaveSmart screen.

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