Main Menu

  Pathagoras' Main Menu is the first item displayed in the Pathagoras DropDown Features list. You can trigger most functions from the Main Menu, but typically you will not once you have become familiar with the program. (Instead, you would press a hot-key combination, click the Document Assembly button, click on a DropDown List, etc.)

   You likely will use the Main Menu as an access point to the Pathagoras Help Systems. Here are some other functions that are available:

Perform a search of this Help system using the Search box provided in the 'front' page.

Link to the 'How Do I. . . ?' system to learn how to perform certain Pathagoras actions.

Link to, download and print, one or all of the Help manuals.

Connect to a summary of the current Pathagoras' settings via the 'Settings button.

Print out a helpful Reference Guide ('Cheat Sheet') which summarizes most of Pathagoras main functions and provides useful hints and tips for mastering the program.

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