Multiple 'True' or 'False' Actions

New in v. 2020:

   A True or False result can lead to multiple events. (An 'event' would be to 'set a value' or to 'ask another question'.) You can either stack results (if that visually results in a better interview), or you can combine the results. To combine them, just insert a pipe character: '|' between the results.

<<*AskOptions*!children!No children/Yes, but all adults/Yes, some still minors*>>

<<*If*!children!="3",!Guardian Clause!="True"|<<*AskOptional*!UGMA!Include UGMA Clause?*>>,>>


 1. Ask whether there are children. As you can see, 3 choices are presented.

 2. If the answer to the Ask is "3" (i.e., the third choice), then (a) set !Guardian Clause! group to "True" (the 'Set' command is understood) and also ask whether the UGMA clause should be included.

 3. If he answer to the Ask is not "3", do nothing more.