Link Database to Existing Template

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A 'final' issue is best framed in the form of a statement and question:

"I already have a template that I assigned to my books. That template has headers, footers, margin choices, style information, etc, that I really want. The bridge template you want me to use has none of that information. Am I stuck with using either my 'full' template or the 'bridge'?"

The answer is "No." You can have the best of both. Here are the steps:

1.Call up the 'old' template (the one you like that has the headers, footers, etc.). This must be the 'original' template, not a document created 'on top of' the template.
2.Attach the data source to to the template. You can use the DataBase Settings screen to effect the link or shortcut the process and use the first few steps in the "Create Bridge Template" pages of this manual and directly connect the template to the data source.
3.Save the 'new' template. It will have the margins, headers, etc., plus it will connect to the data source automatically.