Size Limitations:

   The physical size of the Interview form that Pathagoras can display on the editing screen is a function of two distinct factors

1. Program limitations: A potential of up to six Options block can be listed along the left side of the overlay. A potential of 10 "Optional" text blocks can be listed along the right side of the overlay.

Note: If the document contains more that six <<*Options*>> blocks or more than ten <<*Optional*>> blocks, only the first six <<*Options*>> blocks (subject to 'height' limitations discussed below) and the first ten <<*Optional*>> blocks will be displayed. The remaining blocks will be carried over to a second 'run' of the Interview routine.

2. Screen Resolution: The resolution of your computer (and the number of pixels that the 'screen height' parameter allows) may further limit the display of <<*Options*>> blocks along the left side of the Interview form.

Note: If the amount of space needed by Pathagoras to display all <<*Options*>> blocks exceeds the 'height' on the editing screen to hold the Interview questions, the undisplayed questions will be carried over to a second 'run' of the Interview routine. This will happen automatically.

Nesting Limitations:

Pathagoras allows nesting of <<*Options*>> within <<*Optional*>> blocks, <<*Optional*>> within <<*Options*>> blocks, and any combination thereof. And there is no limit to the level of nestings that are allowed, although beyond 2 levels may become somewhat confusing.

However, for nesting to work, each <<*Options*>> block within a nest must have either a !groupname! or a series of short questions (or prompts) associated with it. (There actually is an exception to this, as actual usage will reveal. It the <<*Options*>> text is short, Pathagoras will process it with no problems. Nevertheless, 'best practices' suggest that you attach a !groupname! or prompts.

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