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Last Step Before Disassembly

Last Step Before Disassembly

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Last Step Before Disassembly

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   Before you commit to a disassembly of your marked up master document, study it carefully. You can (and should) edit this document to:

 (1) check spelling;

 (2) add more variables;

 (3) add more options and optional text blocks, if desired; and

 (4) add more clauses.

   You want to do these things while the document is 'whole.' It is much easier to perform these tasks on a single document that it will be if the document is broken into 50 pieces.

   Let's spend a few more moments on the last element (#4) above. Before disassembling what you have right now, you should make 'lots more' alternative clauses. Otherwise, you will have nothing more than the original document broken into its component pieces. When you reassemble it, you will end up with the original document. "What was the point of that?" you could fairly ask.

   Your goal is to provide to the end user (including yourself) as many possible clause variations as you can think of so as to maximize the number of document assembly permutations.

   Following the same pattern of the now existing mark-ups, duplicate blocks of text. To these new text blocks, make slight variations to reflect different circumstances. Or add entire new text on new, but related, subjects.

   If clauses are 'alternative' ones, and you are using the prefix/suffix naming style, consider naming the clauses with an additional suffix which might indicate their alternative natures. For example clauses named 'sub100', 'sub110', 'sub130' might appear to the ordinary user as necessary clauses covering different topics. But clauses named 'sub110a', 'sub110b', 'sub110c' appear more like mutually exclusive clauses from which the user should select only one.

   Despite the above, keep this firmly in mind regarding this Master. (This is true about other elements of Pathagoras as well.) Don't sweat the small stuff. If its disassembly does not give you the result you wanted or expected, return to the Master, make appropriate changes or additions and then re-disassemble. It's as simple as that.

lightbulbsmallBefore dis-assembly, the master should be as fully 'Pathagorized' as possible. It should have as many variables as possible in place. Optional and Options text blocks should also be in place in the master. It's not that they cannot be added later, but it is simply much easier to assign variables and options text block in a consistent fashion while working in a single document -- such as the Master -- than in the dozens or perhaps hundreds of documents that will result when the Bulk Add disassembly routine is run.

   However, as stated elsewhere, if you find, after disassembly, that you should have done more work to the Master, don't worry about it. Just return to the Master, make changes and re-disassemble.