Instant Database Functions

   Pathagoras offers a wide variety of tools, formatting options and shortcuts which allow you to easily build, augment and conform your documents to designated office standards. They include:

date formatting,

date math,

navigation tools which allow you to set a 'variable' to a folder. Use, for example, when you want to insert an entire document (such as a property description) in place of the variable.

an equivalency function that allows the pairing of a single 'actor' with multiple roles.

spell out functions: dollar and other number values; percents; fractions.

concatenizing (building new variables from existing ones).

default values (pre-assign a value of a single or multiple choice variable)

importing and exportting data to and from Excel.

setting default values

cycle 'date' values

random value generator

and many more. The above, and other, functions are discussed in the following sections of this Manual.