Personalizing the Document: The Instant Database

No document assembly system is complete without an efficient means by which it can identify
the variables in the document and replace those variables with personal data.

  Definition: 'Variables' are place holders strategically placed throughout your document. After a document is prepared for a specific client or customer, the variables will be replaced with personal data. See Variables.


   After you have 'assembled' a document (calling in the desired blocks of text, making your multiple choice decisions and deleting those text sections that are not relevant to your client's need), the remaining bracketed [variables] will need to replaced with personal values (names, addresses, quantities, colors, etc.) to reflect the objectives of the writer and the needs of the client/customer.

   The primary 'variable replacement' tool in Pathagoras is the ‘InstantDatabase’ (‘IDB’) module. The IDB screen is displayed by pressing the keyboard hot-key combination <Alt-D>.

(A second variable replacement tool exists. We call it GotForms? It is discussed in a separate section in this manual. GotForms? is activated by pressing the hot-key combination <Alt-S>. It is a less frequently used tool, but you should be familiar with it in case it fills a need.)

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about the Instant Database.

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