Q. I downloaded and ran 'Pathagoras Setup'. Everything appeared to install normally, but nothing shows up in my Word program.  (Or: After I have used Pathagoras for a while, it suddenly 'disappeared.')

A. After a normal install of Pathagoras, you should see a Pathagoras tab in the toolbar area of your Word screen, and the following four element toolbar when you click the Pathagoras tab.)


If you do not see the toolbar, two possible causes and solutions exist.

1.First, you have downloaded, but not actually run the setup program. Pathagoras Setup.exe is a self-executing file which, in sequence, expands the shipped files, places them in appropriate places on your computer and then opens Word. If typically install screens did not appear, or if you never were asked any questions about accepting license conditions, etc then Pathagoras Setup.exe never got started. Locate it where you saved it and double-click on it. Follow the prompts, and that should cure the problem. (If Pathagoras ran at one time and now it does not, this 'cure' is not the right one. Keep reading. The following paragraph 2 contains the solution.)

2.On a small number of installations, because of security setting in effect on your computer, the installation routine fully runs but fails to fully register Pathagoras as a Word 'Add-in.'  Therefore, you won't see the Pathagoras toolbar.

Or, Pathagoras was at one time running, but the toolbar has now 'disappeared'. This scenario generally caused by the installation of another add-in or Word-influencing program that are programmed to un-hook all currently installed add-ins such as Pathagoras and (rudely) fail to rehook them.
In either of the above situations, you have to manually activate (or manually reactivate in the event of the 'disappearing act' situation) 'Pathagoras.dotm.' This is a one time only process.

To manually enable Pathagoras in these circumstances follow the steps shown at this page of the Manual.

This is a 'one-time only' fix. You should never have to do it again.


2007note Click here for the same 'cure' steps discussed above, but for Word2007/2010 installations.


  helpIf the above did not solve the problem, please call or write us at the numbers or e-mail address found at Contact Us.

Q. After I download Pathagoras and the install routine begins, I get a message that says "A valid installation of Microsoft ® Word has not been detected." What do I do now?

A. This rare message means that you either have an unauthorized version of Word or that when an authorized version of Word was installed, it was done in an a-typical fashion, and certain registry entries were not properly set. In the latter case, write to us for a 'force-install' version of the program. With that copy, you can simply point the installer to where your valid copy of winword.exe resides and Pathagoras can take it from there.

Q. I purchased a multi-license pack of Pathagoras. Are there special installation and upgrade instructions?

A. Yes, and you should have received them when you received your order confirmation. But if not (or you misplaced them), check out this page.

Q. How do I uninstall Pathagoras?

Pathagoras is designed to install and uninstall just like other Windows programs. Uninstall Pathagoras via the 'Add/Remove Programs' entry in Windows Control Panel. Be sure to exit Word before attempting to uninstall.



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