Downloading Pathagoras

Pathagoras is distributed exclusively over the Internet. There is no 'boxed' version of the program.

Retail Version:  When you purchase a retail license from the Pathagoras website, you will be directed to a site from which to download the full Pathagoras program. You will also be provided a serial number with your purchase receipt or confirmation by which you can unlock the program.

Demo version:  Pathagoras also offers a free 90-day trial version.  Download the Pathagoras Demo from the Pathagoras website at

You should save the downloaded file (called Pathagoras Setup.exe) to a location on your computer where you can readily find it. We recommend the desktop, at least until you have installed Pathagoras. Once installed, you can erase the Setup file.

Installing Pathagoras

After downloading Pathagoras from the appropriate source, double-click on the Pathagoras Setup.exe file and follow the prompts.  All files required by the program will be moved to their proper locations.  

After you have installed Pathagoras, it will automatically open and automatically close alongside Word.

Pathagoras tools reside in a separate tab in the ribbon area of your screen:

The Pathagoras Toolbar sits behind the Pathagoras tab and looks like this:


Setting up Pathagoras

Pathagoras requires very little preparation to use its basic features. See the section entitled Getting Started for help on 'jumping right in.'

Running Pathagoras

Actually, you don't 'run' or 'start' Pathagoras. Being a Word add-on, Pathagoras 'runs' whenever you run Word, and closes whenever you close Word. You don't have to do anything special beyond the installation discussed above to cause Pathagoras to run.

But what about the Pathagoras icon on my desktop?

That's just the installer. It's called "Pathagoras Setup.exe". Once Pathagoras has been installed, you can delete it.

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