Reusing Existing Variables

   During the early stages of the development of your document assembly system, you likely will be creating and adding variables to your source documents 'manually.' You will identify a proper spot for a variable, type its name and enclose it within brackets. You will repeat the cycle for each variable in the source document. You will 'graduate' to using Pathagoras' "Create Variables Wizard" to create variables in a more global fashion.

   While your system is maturing, you will want to make sure that the variables you are creating are consistently spelled as you move from new document to new document. You may have created Instant Database Records and Masks which contain the variables that you want to be your 'standard set'. You can use those to help assure that naming consistency.

   Pathagoras provides helpful tools to take advantage of your existing variables. The tools illustrated on the following pages will help you to more rapidly and accurately convert a plain document into a fully 'Pathagorized' document.See DropDown Lists (variables) and Drag and Drop. And if you find you already have inconsistenly named variable that you want to conform to a single naming (and naming pattern), Pathagoras' Instant Database screen can be used as a global 'search and replace' tool to do just that.