Send the form to the client (or other office worker) to complete. Here you have several choices.

oYou can send the form as an attachment. The end user would complete the form as a Word document and return it to you as an attachment to a reply email.

oYou can copy the form and paste it into the body of an email but see NOTE below.


lightbulbsmallNOTE: If you send the form as the body of the email, and you want to preserve formatting, the email setting must be Rich Text or HTML. It cannot be plain text.

  Caveat: The hidden text essential to the form may not be 'seen' by all mail handling protocols. Be sure to test this out on your local systems. Even if the hidden text is not well handled, you can still send the client or customer the form which boldly displays the variable name (instead of hiding it). It's a choice of 'beauty' vs. 'function.'