Replacing Variables with Values

   When you have finished providing personal data in the right column of the Instant Database screen, press the Next>> button. This is where the "database" part of "Instant Database" comes in:

Pathagoras will ask if you want to save the personal data as a new data record.


If you plan to compose more documents for this customer or client (e.g., future letters, forms, contracts, pleadings, addenda etc.), you should say ‘Yes.’ When prompted, provide a meaningful and unique name for the record. (Typically, the client or customer’s name, e.g., “Lastname, Firstname” meets this criteria.)

If you do click ‘Yes,’ then when you create another document for the customer or client containing some or all or the same variables, you need only drop down the Existing Data list (upper right side of screen) and locate the record. That is why we call it ‘Instant Database.'

Of course, you can also say ‘No.’ If you believe that the data is not necessary to keep, that should be your answer.

   After your 'Yes' or 'No' response, Pathagoras will make the replacements. It should take only a couple of seconds.

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